Please copy, paste and answer the questions. Send to:

In detail – what are you trying to accomplish? What are your goals and expectations?

Have you ever taken steroids or hormone type products or not. If yes all past cycles and how they effected you. Sides you got,gains you got and so on.

How much you know about steroids,Ai's and the general subject. IE are you new,know a bit and looking to learn what?

Each and every one of us is different. We are all on different levels of the game. I want you to do your best to help Us understand where you are at. This will help Us better help you. Its not going to do you any good if We are talking to you like a newb when you are not a newb. Like wise it won't
do you any good if you are a newb and We start talking to you like are a advanced user.

How are you training at this time? What kind of training program are you following? What other programs have you followed in the past and how long did you do each of these programs?

Availability to train: What would affect your availability to train, ie: work, school, family? What time of day do you normally train?

Injuries or limitationso you have - or have you had in the past - any injuries?

Do you like to cook? Can you follow recipes? Do you have any food allergies?

What would a typical day or eating be like you for the week?

What do you eat on the weekends? Indicate the times of day and night you are eating and what kinds of foods. Are there any foods you cannot or do not like?

What are your favorite foods?

Do you have the financial means to purchase recommended supplements – Glutamine, Creatine, Protein, Vitamins and minerals? Are you taking any supplements currently? If so, please list.

What are your strengths and weaknesses in regard to your lifting and build?

Tell us about YOU! WE NEED TO KNOW…..your age, how many years you have been training and some general background like what kinds of gains or results you have made with your training. If you have taken time off, how long has it been since you have trained on a regular basis (2-3x a week)?

Do you have any health related issues and are you taking any medications? THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

What are your favorite and least exercises are and why?

We need you to be totally dedicated to this program. If you do it half way, we both lose. If you do the program at 75% of your potential – we STILL LOSE! We EXPECT 100% from you. Your life will not revolve around training, but when it’s time to train or eat correctly – DO IT! If for any reason you are not giving your all to your program, you need to be honest and tell us what is going on.

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