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    BS- Exercise Science
    ACE- CPT
    Pinnacle- CPT
    dotfit- Nutrition Certified

    Became interested in bodybuilding and the human body after spending 2 years of college playing soccer on scholarship. I could never dedicate the time or energy to a legitimate program due to the time and energy requirements of college athletics. I spent these 2 years studying and doing my own independent study of the things i was interested in. Finished my 2 years at jc and denied further scholarship to pursue an education in exercise science and dedicate my free time building the physique I always wanted. I have since competed in 3 bodybuilding shows and preparing for a fourth and fifth. I have been personal training for 4 years and specialize in total physique transformation and performance training. I am pursuing a MS in human performance and a natural pro card. 23 years old with an equal interest for nutrition and training.

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    The Verified MembersThe Verified Members

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    LIFT OR DIE El Freako's Avatar
    Join Date
    Nov 2006
    Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
    Hoping to be considered for verified membership...

    El Freako

    Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness
    Level 1 Strength and Conditioning certificate

    I picked up my first weights when I was 15 as I was sick of being the smallest kid in my year and began a lifelong love affair with lifting. In 2003 I decided to try and make a career out of my hobby and entered the meat-grinder that is the fitness industry as a certified Personal Trainer. I discovered a few things in this period, 1/ I hadn't known jack about training before this point in time, 2/ I didn't know jack about running a business, and 3/ I had not patience for babysitting people who didn't want to help themselves. I lasted 18 months but in this time learnt more about lifting hard and heavy than I knew there was to learn and added around 20kg to my little frame. I've since turned my eye to Powerlifting and a gym total of 590kg at 92kg with a 200kg squat, 160kg bench and 230kg deadlift. I train with a WSB template and plan to enter my first comp early next year. I have also done a couple of Smolov cycles and have researched Sheiko and 5/3/1 training extensively. My future goal is to achieve a Raw Elite total (669kg in my current weight division). I'm 27 years old and a lifetime natural lifter.

    Lift vids
    (vid to come)



    The Verified Members

    The Verified Members

    My log - read it f*ckers!

    My lifting vids

    There are few things graven in stone, except that you have to squat or you're a pussy.
    -Mark Rippetoe

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    Mecca V.I.P.
    Join Date
    Aug 2006
    Age: 1981
    Name: Thomas
    BW: 215 lbs / 98 kg
    BF: abs
    Height: 178 cm
    Squat: 9@400 lbs / 180 kg (olympic raw)
    Deadlift: 550 lbs / 250 kg (sumo raw)
    Bench: 360 lbs / 165 kg (touch'n'go raw)
    Training experience: 10 years
    Drugs: never
    Comps: 2004 Fitness Cup 6th; 2005 Classic Bodybuilding Nationals 2nd
    Coaching (dieting; peaking; training protocols): 2009 - JB (nationals); 2008 JB (nationals) 2007 - two athletes (nationals) 4th and 6th; 2006 (nationals) 1st; 2006 (nordic championships) 1st.

    The Verified Members
    I'll suplex your ass Brian Dawkins style :wutyousay:

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    Mecca V.I.P. tim290280's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2006
    Western Australia
    Hi All.

    Name: Tim
    Training Age: 15
    Height: 182cm
    Weight: 85-90kg (past 5yrs heaviest 93kg, lightest 75kg)
    BF: low teens
    Qualifications: PhD (science), BSc (Hons) (NB qualifications not in this field, this is my hobby field).

    Squat: 165kg (high bar Olympic ATG)
    Bench: 140kg x3
    Deadlift: 211kg
    Snatch: 90kg
    C&J: 110kg
    Chin: BW+55kg x2
    DB OHP: 50kg x2

    I was first inspired to lift by my primary school teacher who met Arnie. I got my first dumbbell set at 15, but didn't start seriously training until 18-19. My first day in the gym I made it half-way through the workout before throwing up from pushing myself too hard. I've been lifting ever since. I've played competitive football (AFL), a couple of local lift-offs and have intentions to compete in state level weightlifting as soon as I stop injuring myself in the contest prep (I have a light frame). If I move closer to the city for work I also want to compete in BBing.

    I was the scrawny kid at school and when I joined the gym I weighed 55kg. I have trained in most styles, made all of the mistakes there are to make, had a raft of injuries (complete knee reconstruction 4yrs ago) and I now train in my backyard. Having made all the mistakes and suffered at the hands of BBing mythology I have little time for BS. I'm a training journeyman, but it is all about the journey after all.

    Some pics of me lifting:

    Farmers Walks with 45kg DB on a 2.5" thick bar.
    The Verified Members

    Snatching a gas bottle (bottle when full is 110kg, empty 65kg, no idea which end of the weight spectrum it was).
    The Verified Members

    More pictures and videos in my training log.

    Most Helpful Member 2008
    December 2008 MOTM
    My Log - Join the Journey!
    Aussie Lift-Off



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