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    Few ?'s on cutting plan

    I'm looking to get a good diet goin to cut some weight. Looking to take it slow at no more than 1-2 lbs per week. Currently i'm 225, 5' 10 at 18-20% bf. I was over at bb.com looking at Calorie calculators and it told me my BMR was around 3400 and suggested i cut that down to 2800 a day. I thought that was still a lil high cuz i was thinking bout 2500. I think i'm a lil carb sensitive, and was thinking about doin 300g protein, 150g carbs, and 90g fat per day. Thats puts me at 2600. What do you guys think? Should i bring the fat down a lil more? Most of my protein comes from lean ground beef, egg whites, tilapia, tuna, or chicken. Carbs mostly from fruit and from postworkout carbs. Any help would be appreciated. Would like to get down to about 10% bf then take it from there.

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    Bring the fat down slightly, up your carbs closer to 250 and bring your protein down closer to 200. You will feel much better at these macros and you will lose fat not muscle. No matter how "carb sensitive" you are, carbs are still muscle sparing. Dont be afraid to start a little higher in calories. Leave room to decrease when you hit a plateau. You dont want to shock your body so much by cutting your calories in half or anything like that. Slowly decrease your calories as the weeks go on and this will spare precious muscle and keep energy levels decent. Fruit postworkout is great but make sure you are getting some other complex carbohydrates scattered throughout the day like oatmeal, rice, and potatoes. Track your calories and you will have results. PM me for a subscription to dotfit.com, the nutrition tracking website and it will help you out drastically. Hope that helps.

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