If you are a body builder or a person determined to gain mass quickly you must have experienced that at certain times you experience fatigue even before beginning your workout session. This occurs due to over-training during the earlier session. Overtraining leads to symptoms such as increased pulse rate, weak appetite, sleeplessness, weight loss, irritation, and high blood pressure. It has devastating effects on your muscles as it causes hormonal imbalance. Overtraining decreases the level of testosterone and thyroxine and increases the level of cortisol which inhibits the process of muscle building.

Additionally, overtraining causes serious problems with the metabolism and immune system of the body. In case of metabolism, there is excessive accumulation of lactic acid in muscles and overtraining damages the connective tissues. Immune system is your security from external agents such as viruses, germs and bacteria that cause diseases. Overtraining reduces the count of antibodies that slows down the effect of the immune system and leaves you susceptible to various diseases.

Therefore, prevention from overtraining is very important. For beginners it is crucial that you assess accurately as to how much weights you can lift and the number of reps that you can perform each time. You must measure the amount of time that you body takes to recover fully from the previous workout session. If you feel any fatigue before beginning your workout, you must stop exercising immediately. Further training at low intensity is detrimental and will cause muscle loss.

Other important factors that need to be highly considered are proper nutrition and sleep. Proper nutrition will allow you to build muscles faster and reduce the recovery time. Ensure that you do not miss your daily breakfast and have three to four nutritious meals during the day. (If you are trying to lose fat then this does not apply) Have heavier meals one hour after your workout session. At this juncture, your body will be in the best position to absorb the nutrition. Adequate sleep is a necessity and care should be taken that one gets at least eight hours of sleep every night, as this is the time when muscle formation occurs.


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