Muscle building stands on two foundations - workout and nutrition. Mismanagement of either of the two activities causes imbalances in the whole body. For the nutrition part, the meals that you have before and after workouts play a key role in developing your muscles.

Before workout:

The primary objective of a pre workout meal is to prepare the body for intense exercise. This meal has to be taken 90 minutes before you start exercising. The meal should mostly comprise of complex carbohydrates and protein. Sources rich in complex carbohydrates include wheat, maize, corn and oats. You can have food items that have these whole grains such as brown bread, pita bread, brown rice, spaghetti, and macaroni to name a few. For proteins, you can include items such as eggs, yoghurt, beans, soy, cheese, white meat and seafood in your meal.

Having these meals will provide you with sufficient energy necessary for the workout. You can also have simple carbohydrates such as fruit juice and fresh fruits to gain quick energy. Having a protein supplement 30 minutes ahead of your workout will boost your energy level.

After Workout:

The post-workout meal plan counts on rebuilding muscles after the wear and tear during exercises. Muscles respond to the stress applied on them that increase their stronger, which will help them deal with such tiring situations in future. The objective of the post workout plan is to provide adequate amount of energy to the muscles to promote rebuilding of muscle tissues.
Simple carbohydrates such as fresh fruits and fruit juice will give you quick relief after a stressful workout. Muscle building workouts dehydrate the body so consumption of liquids is important. You can have liquids in the form of juice or protein shakes. You must consume this nutrition immediately after the workouts, as it will ensure proper muscle building.

Taking the right nutrition before and after workouts will determine the speed
of your muscle building program. You should involve this program in your daily routine so that body carries out its functions efficiently.

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