Tanning Tips
Step 1: Get Buffed Pre-Tan Exfoliator - Use before initial application of Pro Tan Competition Color to assure maximum absorption. May also be used after competition to assist in the removal of Pro Tan.

Step 2: Pro Tan Competition Color - Use 2 to 3 days before competition. Fair-Medium complexion should apply initial coat 3 days prior to competition. Dark complexion 2 days prior. Spray color directly onto applicator sponge and/or pour into glass and dip sponge directly into color for faster coverage. Brush over entire body. Do not worry about uneven application as Pro tan goes on even every time. After initial application use hair dryer to speed drying. Re-apply an additional cost and dry again. The following morning rinse off the excess color and begin the application process again. That evening re-apply. The day before the show, re-apply in the morning and again in the evening. Be sure to use the entire 8-ounce bottle. Contest morning lightly rinse the excess color off.

Step 3: Ultra Bronze & One Coat - Applied after shower contest morning on dry skin. Dampen hands and apply evenly in smoothing motions over entire body. Apply only one application as it dries darker on the skin. Wash excess color off hands. Before pumping up, apply your Muscle Juice or Muscle Sheen directly over your skin. This will seal in the bronzer and keep it from running or streaking. Use as a quick fix or for that extra bronze look. Wash off after Pre-Judging and re-apply before evening show.

Step 4: Muscle Sheen, Muscle Juice, Hot Stuff & Bikini Bite - The perfect physique finishers. Muscle Sheen is recommended for pre-judge as it gives a mat finish that is easy on the judges eyes. Muscle Juice is recommended for the night show as it gives a sleek look to your physique. Hot Stuff is used to increase your vascularity for both the pre-judge and night show. Apply 5 minutes before pumping up. Note - if Hot Stuff is too hot, apply over the sheen or oil. Bikini Bite is used to keep your suit from slipping. Apply directly to your skin and the inside of the suit, allow drying and press together. Washes off with soap and water after use.

DON'T FORGET… hair removal should be done 30 days before the competition and continued up until the contest to avoid any unnecessary bumps or rashes the day of the show.

DON'T FORGET… if you have trouble achieving a base tan, go to the tanning salon 20 days before competition and continue up until or use a sunless tanning lotion the week before the contest.

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