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    Sample steroid cycles in anabolics 2009

    are simply lame.. im not sure what the author is thinking but the cycle he recommends are just absurd.. anyone who knows anything about proper steroid cycling knows that these cycles are amateurish at best..

    he has a 5 weeks dbol only cycle at 10mgs a day LOL and he wants you taking 20mg of nolvadex per day during this cycle haha.. wow

    then he has a test only cycle at 200mg/week.. if you know anything about test production of a healthy male, this dosage is not much more then the normal output.. this cycle is just good for TRT.. and with this does one does not need nolvadex and arimidex during the cycle.. the estrogen conversion is so small its not even noticeable, once again a joke..

    the funniest one that ive seen is a sustanon only cycle at 250mg a week.. sustanon consists of 4 different test esters, 2 short acting and 2 long acting.. if you shot sustanon once a week your test levels would be all over the place, up and down up and down..

    geez.. just wanted to point this out to those who have this book or ebook.. please advice someone else on cycles rather then going by what it stated in this book..

    DECA only cycle FTW lol

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    Ya, i was reading the old anabolics pdf file before and some of those cycles were just horrible. I need to write a book and sell it if this guy is making money off of it.


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    I love reading this threads. Tnx 4 sharing your knoledge, guys.




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