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    SUPER Street Fighter 4!

    SUPER Street Fighter 4!

    My favourite character is now in SFIV :gaysign:

    Quote Quote
    •Super Street Fighter 4 is tentatively set for a spring 2010 release.

    •The update will be released on a disc, and won't be available as DLC (Downloadable Content) — but the game will be priced as an upgrade — not full price.

    •As this time, they're thinking of adding about 8 characters to the game. (Rumors currently have this pegged at 10 fighters total).

    •Capcom is planning on adding more features to the online modes. Things so people can enjoy playing as a group. (Sounds like lobbies are in).

    •There will be tweaks and balance changes, along with more online stuff and new features the developers are adding in.

    SUPER Street Fighter 4!

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    I feel as though it's a ripoff and should be dlc, but I'll wait to see everything they add and how they price it.

    And Juri looks badass.

    SUPER Street Fighter 4!

    Quote Originally Posted by drunk tweak

    i nedds ed one!! ahadsfa



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