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    Quote Originally Posted by SerbMarko View Post
    in my opinion, the only drug one would need to worry about if they are concerned with this happening to you is TREN.. i have recently decided that I will not be taking trenbolone unless iam competing and i will not stay on longer then 6 weeks.. i got blood work done while i was on tren 100mg EOD and my liver values, my kidney functions were all off, it actually burned when i pissed, i thought it was an std but it wasnt.. it was all the shit hurting the kidneys while on tren.. my piss was almost brown in color.. either way.. just listen to your body.. some abuse ibuprofen and get kidney damage, not to mention the popular drug accutane for acne.. that shit is worse then anything for your vital organs.. i would like more info on this study, when was is done.. what were they on, how long etc.

    for me personally.. i only stick with test and deca from now on.. i feel great on it, never have issues and my test results are always very good..
    Sorry, I should have posted my question to her first. I asked her the types of questions people already mentioned (which steroids, what doses, what cycle lengths, did they compete and use diuretics, etc), and you can see her reply to that.

    Sure, other drugs like ibuprofen can lead to harmful problems in the body, so what? You can't "just listen to your body" with things like this. People with cancer feel fine for a while, often even to the point where they discover the lump, that doesn't mean that there isn't something wrong.

    There will never be a precise cohort study in humans which is able to look at the precise dosages/cycles etc. All you can go by is examining the health outcomes in people such as these, and essentially theorizing from the level of competition they are at approximately what they used.

    a 10 week cycle of anything might do absolutely nothing harmful, multiple 10 week cycles over 20 years certainly could.


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    im willing to take the risk.. im never coming off a HRT dose of test as long as i live.


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