When I started bodybuilding, the first major hurdle I had to cross was excess belly fat. The fat decreased to a certain extent but wouldnít go away completely no matter how many cardio exercises I did. At that point in time, when I was searching possible answers, I came across an article on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). And believe it or not, when I tried it, my body hasnít accumulated an ounce of belly fat ever since.

Well, HIIT isnít a complex workout but the difference it makes is due to intensity. The high intensity exercise causes fat burnout in a shorter period. This is because the body uses up energy through aerobic as well as anaerobic processes during the workout. It burns away fat while remaining in the anabolic or muscle building state. This prevents the degeneration of muscle tissues into energy. The exercise is more effective because the fat burnout does not stop even during the recovery period. This means that you are torching calories even while watching your favorite TV show at night! Additionally, as the time period for the workout is limited, you can spare enough time for other things.

HIIT must be done two to three times a week in between the weight lifting routine. The exercise requires ample resting period so that the body recovers completely. The training can be completed in five simple steps:

Step 1: Do warm up exercise for five minutes
Step 2: Sprint at your maximum speed for about 30 seconds
Step3: Rest for about 2 minutes, which includes brisk walking or jogging
Step 4: Repeat this cycle at least 6 times
Step 5: Give time for your body to cool down

The number of cycles will depend on your level of fitness so it is advisable that you consult a medical practitioner before beginning. Moreover, the most important thing you need to take care of while doing HIIT exercises is your diet. Like weight training, it is necessary to have a post workout drink so that glycogen level is maintained and muscle repair does not stop.

Hope this helps you lose fat and get back in shape. If there are other ways of high intensity training that you want to know or would like to share, please post it in the comments section. Happy exercising!

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