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    EB Games / Gamestop

    Hey Mecca! Now, normally I buy all my games at Futureshop or Best Buy. But this time, I went to EB Games (I think Gamestop is the same in the States, not too sure...). But I bought a copy of a limited edition Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway (I feel like a geek) which was supposedly new. When I went up to the counter, they opened the box up, took a disc from some drawer (like they would at a video store), and slapped it back in the box. So I asked "safety reasons, eh?" the guy says yes... I don't really care right, that's fine. So I get back home, open this baby up and lets see what we have... The poster is crumpled, the "comic book" as well, very much crumpled (makes a good bathroom read). And the CD was... Scratched?! The only thing that was in good condition was the Matt. Baker action figure which had not been opened from its original casing. Hey, I'm not an idiot, I know what they did, they sold me a used game! And the state of it, God how the fuck do people treat this games? They use the CDs as cup holders, crumple up the books etc. :angrydude:

    I didn't mind so much as I paid only $39, but I felt kind of cheated nonetheless. One of the dickheads over there was a total douchebag. Christ you're working at EB Games, what's with the attitude?

    I heard lots of stories and rumours about stuff like this, and I was just wondering if you guys had any bad experiences with EB Games/Gamestop?

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    Yup they suck but i still get my games there... its convenient for me since its a short walk from the college i attend. There are a lot of deuches working there, especially the chicks. They get so much attention since they are female gamers that they have a condescending attitude and act like they know more than you because people are constantly kissing their ass. My cousin is actually a manager at a Gamestop (Gamestop/EB are the same thing here) but he's not a deuche to me lol I have also met some ok ppl working there though just like at any other place. But it is kinda retarded that they pull the CD's out sometimes.... most of the time i get my games on the release date so they are all behind the glass in their case so they dont gotta pull the CD out

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    EB Games / Gamestop



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