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    I am going to respond to that link in full, quoting the study in the link and my arguments against their experiment and how their experiment is flawed. But for now i will say that i do have a counter argument. I am tired i have been reading all night and do not want to write a poor, quick response.


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    AWESOME posts tim!

    that is all.

    Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate;
    I am the captain of my soul.

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    My brother knows this chiropractor he went to school with his daughter, and so did i for two years. i might just go see him.
    also im trying to look up videos on how to stretch with thoracic outlet syndrome,but cant find any.

    also im noticing the left vein in my bicep when i do some rotator cuff work, the veins looks weird, like totally different than any other vein on me..like its serpentining.

    Something odd happening.

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    Bring forward capital spending for projects already planned, retains skills and labour markets while stimulating the economy. Makes more sense than giving it to banks/creditors that created the problem or creating a skills cycle that makes it hard to maintain industries (great example is engineer lay-offs and how hard it is to then start new projects when the market picks back up due to employment time period, skills retirement or migration and retraining).

    Government spending canít ďstimulateĒ the economy. Japan tried the exact same thing and it was a disaster for them. Itís possible that this can bring some positive impact, but itís more likely to be akin to paying people to dig holes and fill them up by spending it inefficiently or in areas where it Is not needed. The banks/creditors would never have made the decisions they did if the government didnít poke its nose in mortgages (to socialize and try to make everybody home owners) through GSE's like the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Fannie Mae) & Federal National Mortgage Association (Freddie Mac), which had much lower borrowing costs and incredibly high leverage ratios compared to their capital, could fail miserably (like they did) with a safety net through treasury and new taxpayer funds, operate their GSE ponzi scheme while the SEC turns a blind eye, while at the same time other horribly run companies (AIG/GM) also fail and are bailed out by their pals in government (and none of this is counting the malinvestment from easy money and distorted interest rates by the federal reserve).
    Quote Quote

    I'm not questioning your diagnosis (or Creator's) but you understand my reticence at making a call on something that is based on a vague description. I've been told that I had a rotorcuff problem in my shoulder, then went and saw a physio who spent 1/2hr diagnosing a mild impingement caused by my trapezius. Guess which diagnosis has me benching pain free!?
    Well, I already mentioned that the doctor would likely send them to go see a physiotherapist. This isnít really something that he needs to see a GP or emergency room doctor for. Should we have ďfreeĒ physiotherapy for everyone as well?

    Quote Quote
    Assuming the patient/person is thought to have a serious enough problem. "Dire" is the crux of that statement and where it falls down.
    I have private health care and have had it all of my life. I don't see this as an option for me, but a friend (remembering that most of my friends have similar levels of affluence) who hasn't seen it as important can't expect me as an individual to fix that shortcoming. Now if money was less of an issue for me, then sure, no problem. Right here, right now, no.
    Well, I worded that poorly. No doctor would ever refuse treatment to anybody who needs health care but canít afford it.

    Quote Quote

    But why through taxes? Because as a member of society I rely upon someone to do the mundane things that keep society running. Society cannot afford to lose people to ill-health or the like. By contributing as a society the burden of the expense is distributed by a larger number thus lessening my contribution to my friend's health (or anyone else upon whom I rely). If I paid zero tax then I would only be able to fund one friends heart operation and still have my garbage collected, roads to drive on, parks to play in, etc, etc per annum. I'd like to think I have more than one friend and I wasn't necessarily relying on them to do some of the mundane but necessary functions of a functioning society. It may be unrealistic to think that I'll know more than one person who will get majorly sick in any given year, but it has happened. Aanother solution of asking for a bit of money from each of their friends........ hang-on sounds familiar.
    Tim, again, please point out where I advocated zero taxes? I specifically in my last post stated otherwise, itís very frustrating when you keep mentioning things like garbage collection and roads to drive on, youíre better than that. Plus, hereís another issue that youíre not seeing, if the US government was to completely eliminate the federal income tax, they would still have the same revenues as they had in the year 2000! The income tax is only about one third of the federal govt revenues.
    Again, it is very naÔve to think that without government run health care that society would essentially crumble and that people (doctors) would let other sick people go without treatment, it would NEVER happen. Youíre not seeing that the prices of these procedures would go down, and again, NO cardiac surgeon would EVER allow someone who needed heart surgery but couldnít afford it to go untreated.
    Quote Quote
    Spreading this burden through tax also allows for planning for the future. You can spend money you have now on future projects/investments. Private industry can do similar but less altruistically.
    The US government has demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt that they canít plan for the future, they just keep patching up the inevitable and make problems much worse. Again, look at Japan, youíre not seeing what the source of all the problems are. Iíll also give a quote from Jim Rogers:

    "They said in writing yesterday that the solution to our problem is to spend more money and spend us out of this. That's what got us into this problem, too much debt, too much consumption, and now we're going to solve it with more debt and more consumption? That's like saying to Tiger Woods, you get another girlfriend, five more girlfriends, and itíll solve all your problems.Ē

    Quote Quote

    The main problem I see with government spending is the expenses on private good. Subsidising industries and sectors so that they exist at all is annoying, let alone when these are private companies. In essense this creates an industry that is inefficient or falsely valued, neither of which are desirable. The USA is renowned for subsidies to its industries. The other problem I see is in frivolous spending on things seen to be the public good, but which the public don't share this view upon. A classic example of this is the arts. I don't know about the USA but most art galleries and artists in Australia are subsidised or are wholely supported by the government. Why? Because art is seen as an important public aspect, so important that no-one goes to art galleries or buys paintings by "struggling artists". But the government feels better that our cultural identity is supported by giving the arts community money.
    Thatís niceÖ but I donít particularly consider myself an art connoisseur, so why should I be forced to pay for that?

    Quote Quote
    It's not like I wholely disagree with you IS or Tech. Just that there are holes in your ideology that needs to be filled with a more middle ground approach
    I disagree. Incorrectly making strawman leaps like suggesting we favor things like zero taxes and want an anarchic society with no police, roads, garbage collection or whatever has some major holes, but this isnít the case. Again with regards to health care, youíre assuming in a completely private system that the costs would remain astronomical and those who canít afford those costs would go untreatedÖ. This isnít true, the costs would go down, and even still, doctors would still be compassionate and would treat those who really couldnít afford it.


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