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    Deadspin...I'm braggin

    DUDE! this was too cool. dont know if its a sin or something to post to one of my other forums but I am. I ranted a week ago about an unfortunate situation with deadspin and myself....and I'm proud to say I'm privelaged enough to have had a very short but still- article written about yours truly Justwonderin.



    Look, I may be old fashioned, but when a man tells me to wear my boner pants I wear my boner pants.

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    you should be proud, can i get your autograph you whory ass motherfucker?

    you gonna get judged!!!!!!!

    Deadspin...I'm braggin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robcardu View Post
    you should be proud, can i get your autograph you whory ass motherfucker?
    LOL. they do have some whory ass mothers.
    They pissed me off that day. My life sitting at a cubicle revolves around playing on the internet. I invest a lot of time and energy into websites I can interact with just to pass the time.
    I spent 3 weeks trying to get onto Deadspin as a commenter to come in one day and find i had been banned. I was like WTF?! I can appreciate they're trying to keep crap off the comment section but they had me jumping through hoops




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