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    John McCain Withdrawls Support for His Own Bill.

    So yeah, poor little old man trying to make important decisions lol

    Heres an article from IronMagazine.com


    Quote Quote
    McCain withdraws support for his own Bill!

    From nutritional supplement consumers to supplement companies, the entire industry has been up in arms about the so-called Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010, S. 3002, introduced to Congress by Senator McCain. Well, the Senator himself has withdrawn support of his own Bill, after he became the target of a grassroots campaign to stop the Bill from being passed. He has thus far failed to publicly comment on the withdrawal of support for his own Bill, and by all accounts, it is likely dead and buried.

    A letter from Senator Orin Hatch, the man who sponsored the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA) to McCain has been posted online, indicating that the Bill will not be passed in its current form.

    McCain himself has not yet made any public statements to this effect. however, a letter from Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT) to McCain has been posted on the McCain senate website and indicates the current bill is dead. There is, however, the potential for a compromise Bill with Hatch, so the supplement industry is not out of the woods yet. Not too long ago, then-Senator Biden managed to pass an anti-drug bill (called the Rave Act) by tagging it onto the Amber Alert laws (inexplicably).

    McCain is certainly not above similar tactics, and this situation needs to be watched closely. Now is not the time for a victory lap, it’s a time for renewed vigilance.

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      John McCain Withdrawls Support for His Own Bill.

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      McCain is a dipshit, he's one of the strongest supporters ever in sending thousands of troops overseas to kill tens of thousands (while wasting billions), yet he's worried about nutritional supplements. You'd think someone with his war passion he might even like MMA yet he was for the longest time THE biggest advocate for banning of MMA.




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