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    An update on the ole napoleonator

    well..my cutting journey was fun..i didn't get as lean as i wanted, nor did i retain as much musclee as i wanted..but i dont give a fuck..theres next time..im learning...so i was 220, at a lot of bodyfat, then now im almost down to 160 at 7.5 bf.. a few pics to show you the transformation..the newest ones are on my phone and i can't snd them for some reason , but the latter pics are from feb 10. thanks fellas. i started clean bulking..im never gonna cut for a solid year again.yes the 2nd are blurry im sorry ..i need jnutz to take more pics of me for the last time aha

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    Hopefully it was a good learning experience for you. Now post some pics that we can actually see brother!

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    If you didn't like the results, at least you learned from it! Personally I think you look great, good job.


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    thnx fellas..yea creator..i wish i had access to a better cam...i never really take great pics with good quality..i have no clue why..if I can get jnutz to snap a few before i gain a little bulk ( and am still lean) then i'll see if i can get better lighting


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    Mecca V.I.P.
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    Big chest dude how much does it measure?


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    thanks tonka..funny because i dont think it's big..just a compact torso..and my rib cage is huge ( dont like lol)..when i measured it last i think it was upper 40s..but not exactlysure..thank you for the comments fellas..from now on i will not bulk and cut for a year, more like one month on, one month off..i wanna get a little bigger but stay relatively lean ya know


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    chest delts and traps are great dude. hows the legs and back?

    oh and grats on the cut. thats dedication right there. it really does feel good walking around with less blubber.

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    thanks bulky..actually my back is my 2nd best part from my chest..i stopped working it out while i was cutting =/..im such a pussy; it was just so boring..but my back grows super fast, and im working it again now..my strength shor up from these two weeks with good carbs, and omg..i work at a pizza place and those pizzas are amazing lol. my legs suck balls; but im on a mission with them..


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    another update ...I'm cutting again ..going to Brasil in December to visit the ole lady and her fam. ( it's summer there) so i need my abs back...that may have sounded like the single most douchey statement ever but what the hell im not gonna lie and say i want to be blubbery on a Brazilian beach...feel me?


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