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    Creator's Peak Week Prep

    I am 13 days out from my show and I would like to put up a thread to discuss what I will be doing in order to peak well for my show. I am going to follow a slight carb/fat cycle until the day of the show. Calories are around 2500-2600 and I do low fat on higher carb days and higher fat on lower carb days. I am very close to where I want to be but I need that last little bit of conditioning. I have asked BigBen to tune in and give some of his valued advice. I am also all ears to anyone else who would like to throw in there two cents. I know we have some very knowledgeable people here. This is a rough outline of carbs starting with today
    Show day!

    Protein mostly egg whites and tilapia with the occasional chicken. Carbs are brown rice, yam, oats, and rice cakes. Fats are almonds, egg yolks, olive oil and avocado. You can see my latest pics in my contest thread.

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    I just looked at your pictures creator you look great right now! You look lower in BF compared to the avatar pic you have up from last years show by at least 1-2%. I had not looked at your newest pics when i replied to your PM earlier.

    Honestly with the foods you are eating you will continue to deplete gradually and probably still drop some fat. The foods are all highly biologically available foods, you are making great food choices. You really look hard in those pictures man, honestly. This is something I can say i learned from flex and that is that if your not broke this far out then don't try fixing it.

    Looking at you i would keep with the small fluctuations you are doing between 250 and 150 and i would make sure i was squeezing my muscles really well when working out as to deplete glycogen in them so they required super compensation, this will only draw your muscle definition out further. That will slowly allow you to get harder over the next 13 days. If at any point you feel overly flat then load some grain based carbohydrates. But i think you have been so effective with the fat loss that you should continue drawing your muscles definition out slowly as you have been.

    Take pictures for yourself and look at them and judge weather or not you feel you need more definition or if you should maintain what you have for the day, b/c at this point i feel like you have your self set up so well with what you have accomplished that to continue as is walking the tightrope between being flat and getting more definition while not getting flat is the right thing to do.

    I would continue with your workouts and your carbohydrate cycling between 100 and 250 and watch your self get harder by the day. 3 days out be looking in the mirror and make adjustments so you do not come in flat. if it were me i might try something like this but all the time looking in the mirror to make sure I was getting harder but not too flat. So tomorrow is day one all the way up to the show.

    12. 200
    11. 150
    10. 100
    9. 150
    6. 200
    5. 150
    4. 100
    3. 200
    2. 250
    1. 200-300

    That is just a guess based on what you have down and where you are at now and what looks safest and work well for you. Bc you are where you are at you do not have much to gain by depleting harshly and carbohydrate loading big time.

    The better idea in this situation seems to come down slowly and then starting 4 days out do push routine, 3 days out pull routine, 2 days out full body, 1 day out rest and make sure i stayed full and ripped. The training intensity would not be crazy you would just be squeezing really well all those days.

    I did not go over 300 b/c you commented that 300 was really high for you. So I used this scale for my sample to get my idea of coming down slowly across that 200 is medium, 250 is high and 300 is really high. That is what caused me to give the ranges i gave. My idea is to keep coming down at the rate you are nice an slow and don't allow yourself to get
    to flat and then load the carbohydrates that you do need to add that bit of size to come in full, but still shredded.


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    Thank you for that. It is the mind games now and it is very hard not to want to go lower and lower on my carbs but I think that will just ultimately lead to coming in too flat and that is not what I want to do!

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    Axis Labs Athlete
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