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    Annoying sharp pain in my lower back :(

    I have been having this annoying sharp pain in my lower back every now and then. I went and got a x-ray done, it came out normal, doc gave me some painkillers didnt really tell what the pain was due to or anything. I tried deadlifting today w/o a belt after 3 weeks and boom not even half the weight i usually lift and i felt it again, and i had to stop. this is both frustrating and demotivating, cause i love deadlifts, i dont know what to do in this situation. I can not do deadlifts, but that wont solve it, cause the pain is there while squatting too and aslo while doign powercleans. I dont like using belts and if i use it, i usually do for my last set in deadlifts or squats. Should i jsut start using the belt from the first set itself for all 3 of these exercises ??

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    ^^ Pain in your back is rather nondiscriptive. Are you talking spine, fascia, muscle, ligaments, any particular region, etc, etc.

    Also X-rays are only as good as their resolution. Fractures often don't show up on them. Get a referral to a specialist of some sort.

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    umm its above my hip bone and to the left of my spinal cord


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    ^^ Could it be a minor tear in your lower back? Maybe you should think about a Magnetic resonance scan...


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    Go get checked by an osteopath or chiropractor. Sounds like a clear explination of pain experienced from spinal sublixation.


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    back pumps? on any supplements


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    If you've herniated a disc it won't show up on X-ray, either. Your description of the pain fits with what I experienced when I did mine. Check to see if one of your hamstrings is less flexible than the other--that can be evidence of a pinched nerve caused by a herniated disc.

    I'd get referred to a specialist and see if they'll give you an MRI.


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