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    Dex & Mr. O 2010

    I just listened to MD RADIO #65. Dex is still facing the same enemy who has previously diminished his chances to win Jay, i.e. Dex himself. He seems to have accustomed to the idea that he is what he is and there's nothing he can do about it. If the judges don't like it then that's just the way it is.

    He thinks that if Jay brings 100% there's no way of beating him no matter what. Who is putting this crap into his head? He has no hunger for the win! He seems to have given up completely. I think Dex has all the potential to win Mr. O and in a decisive manner.

    He has to bring a bigger package to beat the other top guys who come in at 100%. He can sacrifice shape and even conditioning within a wide range (in order to gain size) and still beat the other guys by showing better shape and conditioning.

    I think I once saw a vid in where Dex said that he only does deadlifts and squats in the smith machine to keep the waist down. Come on, he could add a couple of inches to his waist and still look like the small wasted guy. If he can in any possible way add mass he has to do it to win. Toney Freeman has gained a good amount of muscle and he is in his mid forties.

    Dex is obsessed with his (secure) shape and conditioning. This is a mental issue which Dex has to overcome in order to jump at the next level. He could win the next three Mr. Os if he just does the necessary improvements.

    What do you guys think? More mass in every possible way even with the risk of placing out of top five or just staying in a state of suspended animation?

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    Mecca V.I.P. tim290280's Avatar
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    I've seen video of Dex repping out a real deadlift. Nothing majorly heavy but it was a contest prep video, so he would have been a week or two out pulling 185kg for a dozen reps. So I doubt that he is as paranoid as you think.

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    Mecca V.I.P. FlexFan's Avatar
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    Well...he did sacrifice some conditioning at the Arnold Classic and finished 4th...

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    Dex & Mr. O 2010

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    I did not listen to talk-show but the simple truth is there is considerable difference between Jay and the rest of the gang and even if the rest dont say it everyone knows if Jay does not make an inch of improvement and just shows up as good as he was last year.... no ones gunna beat him... thats just a fact!
    That said he or others should not (and they WILL NOT) let off on their training because Jay has proved that he can screw up his last minute prep like no one can! Besides everyone should enter a contest worrying about whats in their control (their own conditioning) and not about whats not in their control.... other contestants prep!




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