I will increase this a bit but this is standard VB default size. You dont want the avatars too big or it effects page loading times.. I will increase it a bit right now but the dimensions are separate from the actual size in KB allowed..

The reason it is taking so long to adjust these things is that there are so many usergroups and each one has to be gone through and changed with something like this and it literally takes hours. Generally usergroups are not meant for group "labels" and there are way too many. It slows everything done when it comes to working on the site and making permission changes. We have to get rid of these usergroups and instead use the "Social Groups" features and also for pictures we should try the "albums" feature..

There are many features not being used but back to the issue--I will fix the size issue. I already changed attachment permissions so you guys should be ok with that but images posted will be automatically re-sized to a better viewing size but you should be able to post..

Oh yeah--One more thing--if we allowed very large avatars dimensions I am talking about they would throw off the whole template.. There isn't much room. I thought I had the same settings as the other site. I have it still running somewhat so I will just check permissions from there--This is only for certain usergroups because most inherited permissions from the old site..


Remember to e-mail me at errors.notification@gmail.com if you have other issues. I don't generally follow posts etc even though I try to take a look when I have time..