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Thread: L-argenine help

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    L-argenine help

    Hi folks,

    Perhaps this has been asked before and if so excuse me in advance.

    So I stopped in my local GNC and bought as usual Amino Fuel (Twin Labs) which has worked well for me in the past 2 years or so... Since my body can't tolerate any pre-workout supps. (NO Explode, NO2 Black, NO Shotgun etc.) I'm thinking about taking L-argenine which is way cheaper too! But how heart healthy is it?? I already made some research on the product and I know it's an amino acid and that Amino Fuel alone has a considerate amount of it, but how safe is it taking 500 mg or 1000 mg of it?? Would I even benefit of it since my current goal is to cut??

    I have never been diagnosed with cardio deseases or anything (I'm 23 male), but all the above NO products caused me tachycardia and sent me to the hospital once!


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    NO products contain a substance call methoxylines. That substance is the likely cause of your cardiac issues. It stimulates your adrenal glands to release epinephrine. It is not likely that the AAKG is causing your issues.

    L-argenine is not the same substance as arginine alpha keta glutamate, they do not act in the same manner. Buying L-arginine will not have the same effect as taking AAKG b/c they are 2 different chemical compounds. L-argenine is a growth hormone stimulant in higher dosages, asare many amino acids when highly dosed. I might be wrong but i think 3-5g of L-argenine stimulates GH secretion, but as Jorn T would say nothing beyond supra-physiological levels.Tim may be able to correct me on the dosage of L-Argenine for GH secretion.



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    Thanks BB for your valuable info. I understand NO products more or less are cocktails of different chemicals and like you said, most likely caused me cardiac issues. So will L-arginine work fine as a NO supp substitute ?? And would it be safe??


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    The effects of vasodialation seen from AAKG are more intense than from taking l-argenine. I would be quicker to associate any gains from l-argenine to the anabolic effects of the arginines useful in synthesizing protein before I would contributre the gains from l-argenine to its vasodialation effects. On that bass if I were only going to supplement one amino acid it would be L-leucine not L-Arginine. You can always try the L-Arginine and see how you like it.




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