Hey all,

I just wanted to mention a few features most haven't really noticed yet..

#1 - Social groups - You guys used to have Usergroups for different teams etc.. Now you can set up your own groups..


#2 - There is a built in gallery system where you guys can post pictures etc. There is also a link in the nav menu for the gallery where every can view pictures..


#3 - Flash Chat - I know everyone uses the regular chat box but when the site gets to large we will be getting rid of that and we will only be using the chatroom. I wish you guys would try it because it is much better than the shoutbox. You can open a chat window and just leave it running while you surf the web or surf mecca, etc.. With the chatbox on the main page you have to stay there so please try this out..

All of these features and much more are easily accessible from the menu where all the links are. I would really encourage you guys to just browse around the site and the user control panel etc to see all of the features here.. I only listed a couple. In addition we have the arcade, the game room with multi player games, poker, blackjack,chess where you can play against other members... There is the media library now where I hope to have tons of Body Building videos all organized with categories etc..I am also working on a wiki page and many other options as well..


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