I'm looking to start an hdrol cycle I've been doing alot of research and just want to see what im missing. It would be just a 4 week cycle sinces it would be the first. im 160 and 5'11 been lifting for few years now. just let me know what im missing.

1-2 week of precycle
-hawthorne berry (not sure of dosage)
-milk thistle (not sure of dosage)
4 week cycle
-50/50/50/50 of hdrol
-milk thistle (not sure of dosage)
4 week pct
-Tamoxifen (not sure of dosage) i know ill want to start out stronger first 2 weeks then a little less the next 2 weeks.

Is there more i should add to the actual cycle? Also what would be some suggestions on amounts (dosage)? and will tamoxifen be enough on its own? or should i add Clomiphene?

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