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    The Inner Life Of Your Cells

    This is definitely not an article but I consider it to be educational so I placed it in the articles section. This video is from Harvard Universities Biology department and gives a small insight to how your cells work! I think it is a very cool video. Animations like this provide an insight to cellular functioning that prior to these kinds of animations was really based on still images and imagination. These kinds of visual effects are great learning tools in my opinion. I think it should also become apparent that once people really see how complex the body is or at least get an insight to the complexity of the body that they might also take their health more seriously. So please Enjoy!


    I fail at embedding the vid, i would appreciate it if someone would embed it for me please.

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    Re: The Inner Life Of Your Cells

    Fixed, done.

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    The Inner Life Of Your Cells

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    Re: The Inner Life Of Your Cells

    thanks DA!




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