Hi folks,

Originally I posted 3 months ago asking for tips & feedback on my cutting diet and workouts!

After 2 months of eating half of what I was use to eating and specially eating food that I normally over looked I went from 175 lbs. +/- to 155 lbs. +/- and achieved the beach body abercrombie look I was aiming for! I still have to unleash the bottom pair of my abs. My main concern is regarding my routine through out the day rather than my diet since I got that half of the equation pretty much taken care of.

My day starts @ 8 am with a mid intensity 20 min. run empty stomach with only 2 spoons of amino fuel. Through out the day I eat 5 to 6 even meals with **** loads of water. Normally a day at the office ends @ 7 pm and I'm planning to hit the trent machine with HIIT, hit the weights and run once again afterwards for 10 minutes.

I try to hit the weights as intense as possible in the less amount of time possible. Respecting proper form of course! Splitting 2 muscles per day 5 exercises for each/ 3 reps of 8-10 hitting the abs 3 times a week. (Advice for this?)

So how does it look to you all?? Should I switch HIIT in the morning for moderate run in the after-noon before hitting the weights?? Should I eat a meal before hitting the gym since I get off the gym around 9 pm and wouldn't like to screw my progress because I'm eating that late!

As far as supps. go I only take amino fuel, fish oil, green tee & chlorophyll. Should I go for a low calorie high protein supp. such as 100% whey ON Protein??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Just keep in mind that my goal is to achieve the thin dry gain body type, not the bulky big macho man randy savage type :)

Thanks in advance!

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