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    Exclamation Hidetada was desperate .. And he had good news from His Family

    Hidetada Yamagishi Blog

    Japan earthquake and Tsunami

    In last couple of days, I have just kept watching CNN. I can't believe what is happening in my country, Japan...Japan is known as the country of earthquake and Tsunami(its actually Japanese word, 津波), we always have relatively small earthquake almost every month and sometimes small tsunami. But I have never seen this huge powerful quake and tsunami in my life.
    This earthquake happened on the north east ocean of Japan. My parents and one sister live in the city named Sendai which is actually one of the city got the biggest damage. I was so scared to watch the image on TV that the tsunami wiped whole city out in minutes. My family live in inland so they did not get tsunami damage. I got the belief email said they were ok the night of quake. After that email, I can't reach them. I am sure they are ok but I guess they can't use not only phone but also email because of the lack of electric power. I just got the news they got back power in Sendai so hopefully I can reach them soon.
    They still have many aftershock and now nuclear plant was exploded...Japan is facing the biggest challenge in nation's history.
    I got a lot of phone call, email and many people asking me how is my family in the gym. I really appreciate it.
    I don't know what to do for Japan...I figure this is the best way to help them from here. Please join me!

    Hide Train Back one day before the earthquake in Japan

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    Re: Hidetada is desperate .. He already has heard from his family

    He must feel really bad... the lack of info sometimes is just the same as madness.


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    Re: Hidetada is desperate .. He already has heard from his family

    You got to feel for him... I hope everythings ok with his family and he gets in touch with them soon too.




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