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    Bob Paris Challengers 1986

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    Re: Bob Paris Challengers 1986

    "Bob Paris" killed the whole interview for me by referring to himself in the third person... look because his physique was (is) considered by many to be one of the most aesthetic in the BBing he is ranting that rant against steroids and stuff. If it were in him and he could be bigger than Lee Haney believe me he would have done that and used as much steroid as necessary to do so... and even then blame it on others for "forcing" him to use it to stay competitive!
    After qualifying for the Olympia he quickly realised he was in a different league and he quite frankly got scared of the Lee Haneys, Mike Christians and Gary Strydoms and ran away! He left the sport for much much less than a million dollars (and then crawled back on his knees when he couldnt make it in show biz) so I dont know what he was going on about the millions he forego for the love of sport! Hes just a good old narcissistic fag!

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