With Gary Bogn?r the german company Best Body Nutrition signes a new hungarian bodybuilding athlete starting 2012/12/12 for one year in the beginning:

?My name is Gergő ?Gary? Bogn?r and I?m 25 years old. I have been training for 11 years so I started when I was 14 in 2001. Then after 3 years of training I decided to compete and in 2004 with the help of Johnny Lantos (former IFBB Mr. Europe) I managed to win all my Junior competitions which was a big success for me. Now after 6 competitive years through with more than 30 amateur competitions at the age of 25 my next goal is to become an IFBB Pro. I will take a year off (2012) to bring my physic to the next level and hopefully get the pro card in 2013 spring at the Arnold Amateur.?

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