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Thread: Meals to go

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    Meals to go

    Hi folks,

    I come to you once again to seek some advice!

    Currently I joined the gym from a year-long brake. My goal is to shred some fat and achieve a beach body physique! Diet techniques such as calorie count, what to eat & when and all that bull are no issue since I have achieved the same goal.

    My dilemma is that I don't have the time like used to since my work schedule is from 9am-5pm (not written in stone in occasions I stay longer ) not counting an hour drive to & from work. In the mornings eating breakfast is not a problem I fix time to prepare a proper meal and same for mid-day snack. The problem is during lunch time, pretty much every where is only but fast food. Obviously this restaurants will halt any advance I may make!!! Subway is always an alternative but it will get old to say the least.....

    Also no restaurant meal can equal a good made at home meal. Also it will save a hole deal of money..

    So to wrap it up I need some insight or ideas of how you all manage to eat healthy on a tight schedule. Any ideas for make-ahead meals?? A good webpage or recipe book??

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Meals to go

    Welcome back,I must follow your advice in a better way, thanks for sharing this


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    Re: Meals to go

    Amtz, I make lunch while I'm cooking and eating breakfast. I pack it into a tub with snacks to take to work.

    If you want to get fancy you can take a weekly approach and have stuff frozen, ready for later in the week.

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    Re: Meals to go

    The best idea is to eat such foods that contains more protein and vitamins. Using small quantity of such foods that have high nutrition power, contains high protein can be really beneficial for you. Oyster Mushroom, egg, and fresh vegetables are good.


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    Re: Meals to go

    Green vegetables, fruits with good amount of vitamins.. And eggs and other things with high amount of protein gonna be okay for you...




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