Next MD Cover Victor! I?ll be back!

Next MD Cover: Victor! I?ll be back!

Victor Martinez has had a long and at times rocky bodybuilding career, and not all of his battles have been onstage. Victor ? the man Ronnie Coleman said has the genetics, structure and what it takes to be Mr. Olympia ? has been up and he?s been down. Victor almost went home with the Sandow in 2007, and he won the first Arnold Classic Europe last year. Through it all, Victor has had more than his share of challenges and tragedies to rise above. Like the true champion that he is, Victor always bounces back. He has made mistakes in his life but is a man of great character, and I?m proud to call him my friend. Victor?s inner strength equals his physical achievements. And that?s saying a lot.

Victor is making headlines again, and the news is good. He has passed through another one of life?s roadblocks and is locked and loaded to train like the beast he is! Following in the tradition of Arnold, Lee Haney, and Flex Wheeler, Victor has the muscle bellies, as well as the small waist and great shape of these bodybuilding icons. He has the structure and shape to be Mr. O, as Ronnie pointed out. Victor needs to be bone dry and hard as nails. When victor?s conditioning is spot-on, his message to the other competitors is ?Hasta la vista, chumps.?

Victor?s amazing story is documented exclusively in next month?s MD in ?The Trails of Victor Martinez.? Legendary bodybuilding historian Peter McGough gives readers the whole story, from Victor?s carefree childhood in the Dominican Republic and later struggles with his father, to the glory of standing on the Mr. Olympia stage and almost bring home the Sandow ? to time behind bars and finally freedom and a new beginning. This is a powerful, human drama about one of the world?s greatest bodybuilding and Victor?s story is told by one of the world?s greatest bodybuilding journalists ? a story you?ll find only in MD.

Steve Blechman, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

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