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    Best muscle building supplements ?

    There are many supplements claimed as best muscle building supplements, which one is the best ? I'm 20 yo n I'm new into bodybuilding and i heard best muscle building supplements needed to help my muscle grow faster, so, which one should i choose ? muscle building supplements with creatine ? or protein ? it's confusing, when i check at Amazon i found that there are many muscle supplements products. please suggest me an advice on how to choose the best muscle building supplements ..,,

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    Re: Best muscle building supplements ?

    The best supplements for building muscle will be the best supplements for your gut. Proper digestion equates to proper breakdown/assimilation, thus macro/micronutrients can be absorbed and growth can be maximized(and deficiency states can be kept at minimum). 70% of your immune system is in your gut, and much is dependent on probiotic bacterium(as well as keeping the lining of the gut intact and not overly porous...aka no leaky gut). A healthy immune system will lead to increased recovery times, less stress, better response to inflammation and thus a better hormonal environment, and as mentioned previously, better growth. Eat clean foods(timing meals properly and consuming adequate calories, etc), keep your gut healthy with ongoing maintenance(probiotics, digestive enzymes, occasional cycles of vitamin A, glutamine, zinc, and even fermented foods), train like a beast, rest like baby, and grow like crazy. I used to take every supplement under the sun. This is much healthier, and while it doesn't sound as commercial and exciting, will be just as effective(and better for longevity).


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    Re: Best muscle building supplements ?

    I highly rec you pick up the following in bulk:
    Creatine (take 2-5g ed. I rec 2g pre/3g post workout)
    5-10lb of whey protein powder (take 150-200g ed, 40-50g x3-4 times per day)
    1lb taurine (take 1-3g ed, i rec in the AM)
    a good multi v
    2000-5000iu VitD ed
    get in lots of healthy fats and vitamins. grab some flaxseed or hemp oil and add that along with olive oil to everything you can think of. EVEN PROTEIN DRINKS! I DO IT! :-P



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    Re: Best muscle building supplements ?

    I think you should choose one that gonna be good for your body. Creatine or protein both of them are good for muscle building. By A good product with good reviews.


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    Re: Best muscle building supplements ?

    One supplement almost always forgotten about, but that is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT are... ENZYMES.

    See, if you use a high quality enzyme that properly digests all four of the food groups (protein, fats, carbohydrates, fibers), you will be in a much better place for all aspects of bodybuilding / fitness.

    Proper enzymes help build muscle through proper breakdown and assimilation of proteins and carbs, and they additionally help with weight loss through emulsification and digestion, and they do the same for fibers as well... THAT IS if you get the right one.

    I have been using a great one for years, as does my entire family, and it helps you achieve better health simply by helping the body breakdown and utilize all of the foods you take in.

    They even help you get more from all of the supplements you take too.

    It's my opinion no bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast or any person who simply wants to be fit and enjoy optimum health should be without a good enzyme product.

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