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    Article: Training Tips to Build Muscle More Effectively

    Training Tips to Build Muscle More Effectively

    Building muscles is not easy even if you have all the elements needed like good nutrition, essential supplements and exercise equipment. It is not rocket science either but a lot of the simple things can go wrong. The common mistakes bodybuilders make can be as simple as not taking time out to plan their workout programs and nutrition, to over-training and doing exercises inappropriately.

    1. Have a starting point

    Most people who want to build muscles donít always know where or how to start. The only way you can know how to start is to first asses your physique and to know what your strengths and weaknesses are so you can figure out if you need speed or intensity as the main elements of your workout. Knowing where to start is absolutely important; this is why this would be number 1 on the list of things you could do wrong to jeopardize your own body building training program.

    1. Balance your training

    Most body builders tend to concentrate on certain parts of their bodies. These could be those areas they consider to be stronger. The strongest body parts donít always require that much work and the predisposition to be better built than other parts means they would show the easiest parts to see results faster. Bodybuilders should strive for balance and therefore they should not train certain parts more than others.

    1. Training Intensity vs Volume

    Body building does not require high volume training, it requires intensity. Intensity has to do with the pounds moved and an aerobic training intensity challenges your muscles so your body can grow.

    Altering the routine and intensity allows muscle tissue to heal and grow. Muscles need to be worked at different angles. Changing your moves in your body building routine ensures that there is some balance in how the muscles grow. This balance is what protects muscles and joints covered by muscle tissue from sprains and the strain of overuse.

    1. Tracking Progress

    It is important to track your progress and often bodybuilders donít know how. In order to track progress you should have a roadmap drawn up at the very beginning. Without a roadmap, you canít track your progress efficiently.

    1. Dealing with Plateaus

    Often times, bodybuilders have a small growth spurt and then it stalls dead in its tracks. When this occurs they have no idea how to continue to produce gains. Plateaus are to be expected in any body conditioning program, itís a signal from your body that it needs something more or different to move from one point to another because it has adapted to what you do to it day in and day out. When you plateau, you should look at changing either your nutrition, train more or less and work in time for your muscles to rest in-between workout sessions.

    Varying muscle building workouts or muscle confusion is one way to challenge your body and push your muscles to grow but it also helps prevent injury because you wonít be working out the same muscle fibers in the same way at the same intensity.

    Muscle confusion is about working the same muscle only in different ways. For instance, when working chest muscles you can alternate between bench press or use dumbbells to do chest presses. In a workout routine, one also has to consider variables like the number of sets and the number of time each movement is done in each of those sets. You can also alternate the intensity for each muscle group being exercised. You can also alternate weights from a heavier weight to a less heavy weight and vice versa.

    1. The Misinformation about Supplements

    Most bodybuilders rely on supplements and tend to think that they can accelerate their body building endeavors by getting all the supplements that promise supermanís physique. There is generally nothing wrong with supplements but it helps when you know which of them actually do what they profess to be capable of. There are supplements that are good for a bodybuilder and many that arenít. It pays to know which nutrients will work for you.

    1. Cutting out Carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates have gotten a bad reputation but they are actually very important for providing the energy a body needs to get through training. Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen which is energy for muscle training. Without it, the muscle will be in wastage. The misconception that all a bodybuilder should eat is protein makes building muscles faster impossible because of the lack of sufficient glycogen which only comes from eating carbohydrates.

    To succeed in building muscles keep these tips in mind and make sure you avoid common mistakes.

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    Re: Article: Training Tips to Build Muscle More Effectively

    Totally agree about the intensity vs volume. I used to train high volume, kinda like Arnold Schwarzenegger/Jay Cutler, with lots and lots of sets per bodypart, but with years of training came the experience, and now what really matters the most is the intensity of the workout.

    Less sets, more intensity. This is what works best for me, and I'm training this way for the past 2 years with great results.

    If someone would ask me for a good workout/diet routine, I'd say: train smart, high intensity, keep a balanced diet and eat more whole food vs supps. Maybe use only some BCAA's, whey and omega 3 fish oils.




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