Hi all!

I was thinking to create a thread with all the shows of 2012 that we had here on mecca for a while now. Kinda like a summary or index where one can find the thread/s, that he/she is looking for in 2012.

The info you'll find in here, are especially curiosities like: the prize money for the winner, the total prize money, the actual winner and the thread starter.

Click on the name of the show for the musclemecca coverage thread with updates, info and stuff, on the name of the winners for the MD photo gallery, and on the thread starter name for his mecca profile.

These are the threads of the 2012 Bodybuilding season:

Article: International Federation of Body Building 2012 Show Index

2012 Flex Pro

Total prize money: $30,000
Winner: Lionel Beyeke $15,000
Thread starter: Natzo