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2012 Champion: Natzo

Article: ***Official Mecca - Top 6 Guess - rules & standings thread*** 2013

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Ok it's that time of the year again!
The point system is the same and it goes like this:

1st place - 7 points
2nd place- 6 points
3rd place - 8 points
4th place - 8 points
5th place - 6 points
6th place - 5 points

Whoever guesses the top 6 in order gets a bonus of 15 points.

* this game will only cover the open class and the 212 NY pro and 212 showdown (Mr. O)
* only top 6 suggestions will be taken into account.
* guesses will stop 1 day before the show, I'll take note of all top 6 at that time and announce the end of the first stage.
* correct top 6 at the Olympia and Arnold Classic will have a bonus of 25 points.
* entries in this competition will close after the NY pro who decides to join and missed some stages (FLEX, ASC) will start with a penalty of 2 points .
after the Olympia whoever has the most points wins.

The top 3 bonuses (from the 2012 special stages):

1st bonus - alex - 25 points
2nd bonus - pakiman - 18 points
3rd bonus - tkD - 15 points

- you can use it only once for the 2013 Top 6 Guess Game, and when you use it you cannot make any prediction for that specific stage.

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