Article: 2 times Mr O - Phil Heath updates!


What's up FELLAS! Had some time browsing the internet and figured I'd come on here and holla at my MuscleMecca Crew. I wanted to thank you all for keeping me on the homepage and keeping everyone up to date via my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. I'm currently just trying to relax and get ready to spark the new year as 2013 is THE YEAR OF THE GIFT BABY! I'll be posting on my facebook which reads out as "PHILLIP HEATH" so be sure to double check my website Mr. Olympia, IFBB Pro Phillip Heath Official Website and click the fb icon to make sure you're linked to the REAL PHIL HEATH FACEBOOK PAGE. I'm still answering questions on my twitter @PHILHEATH and posting madd pics via instagram @PHILHEATH. Before I go I wanna tell you awesome bodybuilding fans (regardless of being a fan of mine) to have a great end of 2012 and be sure to continue on supporting us crazy pros as we're all getting after it for ourselves, families and friends, but also YOU GUYS! Imma pray for a healthy and productive 2013 because I truly feel that I learned a ton so far and will definitely GO FOR THAT THREE-PEAT come Mr Olympia Time baby!

Take care, God Bless and be sure to keep killin dem weights playa!

Phil "TheGift" Heath - 2Time (oh yeah dat's right) Mr. Olympia

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