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GEAR TV presents GEAR TV LIVE episode 2, our all new TV show dedicated to bodybuilding, fitness, health, supplements and all aspects of training, diet and exercise! Hosts Jeff The Producer and Joe Pietaro are joined by IFBB Pro Maxx Charles, following his 4th place finish at the 2014 IFBB Tampa Pro this past weekend.
You’ve heard about the 20,000 calorie diet, right? How about the 2,000 calorie diet from Maxx? Everyone’s different, and his diet and training methods are eye openers!
Plus a rundown of the 2014 IFBB Tampa Pro, Muscle In The Afternoon with Pete Khatcherian, and so much more! Only on GEAR TV!
Hosted by Jeff The Producer & Joe Pietaro
Filmed by Pete Khatcherian
Edited by Jeff The Producer
Audio Production by Jeff The Produce

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