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    Pushing Through Pain

    Sometimes when I work a body part to hard sometimes I get serious pain in that muscle. I know that sometimes this could be growth happening in the muscle or an injury. I am wondering is it good to keep going even when you are feeling serious pain or should you just rest?

    What do you guys normally do?

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    Re: Pushing Through Pain

    There's a difference between muscle gain pains and injury pains. Sometimes that can be a fine line between the two and you have to be careful. If it hurts that bad perhaps you should rest it for a few days. If it continues to bother you or if you are worried it is an injury then have a physician check it out for you.


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    Re: Pushing Through Pain

    How long are you waiting between exercising muscle groups? There should be at least 48 hours between them if you are a natural athlete, get adequate rest and be sure that you're eating enough. If you are bulking the last part should be easy, if you are cutting definitely keep track of how much protein you are getting!

    Sometimes if I do a muscle group 3 times in one week the last time will be quite a pain, which might indicate going near overtraining. I usually take a step back and go for a little lighter weights just to get some blood flowing to the muscle but nothing too crazy.


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    Re: Pushing Through Pain

    I try not to push my muscles to hard to the point that I injure myself. I know that when you injure yourself that you will actually do a lot more harm to your body then you would do good. So I think like some of you said in this thread I think that it is best that you take some time to rest if you really feel a pain in that muscle group that you do not normally feel.


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    Re: Pushing Through Pain

    Well there's the pain of soreness after a day or two after a workout which feels awesome but other than that, I think you should be careful when pushing through the pain as this is your body's way of telling you that you are doing something wrong especially acute pain on a certain area or chronic pain that would not go away weeks after your training.




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