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    starting a better life and need help

    To be perfectly frank, I need lot's of help. A year + ago I lost pretty much all of my muscle tone but have gotten most of it back and want to pack on more to it.
    I do need to lose this gut though. I am 6'1" and weigh 237 which isn't terrible (I think) but while it appears I am getting quite a bit of muscle growth in my upper body I still can't seem to lose the hips and gut. I am able to tighten up my stomach muscles again almost like before my illness, but again...the gut is stubborn at 36".

    Obviously, everyone looks for the quick fix, but whatever you guys suggest I am more than willing to do whatever it takes!

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    Re: starting a better life and need help

    Lift weights at least 3 times a week. Muscle burns fat so if you keep a lot fat diet combined with weight training you will get rush of the gut. Get your heart rate up too.

    Good to meet you.


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    Re: starting a better life and need help

    Try doing cold thermogenesis whenever you can. It's good for fat loss and recovery. Basically just expose yourself to cold environment as often as possible. If you have access to a cold pool start small and try to immerse in it for as long as a total of 60 minutes. The cold forces your body to burn a lot more fat and calories in order to regulate your body temperature.


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    Re: starting a better life and need help

    Just figure what you eat. Most of the time the way your body looks is 10% workouts and 90% of what you eat. There are many diets out there that you can try that will help you to get rid of that gut that you think that you cannot get rid of. Most of the time it is just the things that we are eating that are really holding us back and I think that if we can just make that simple change that we will be able to see the difference.




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