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Thread: Niacin

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    I realize I rattle you guy's cage a little when I ask some of these questions, but who do I ask but the pro's?

    Not too long ago I came across an article about "Niacin." It's a base vitamin which generally comes in many different foods and supliments, but it does come all by itself, in tablet or capsule form. I started taking the stuff, about 200mg a day, and it seems to be doing it's job. It's supposed to expand the capilaries allowing more blood (containing oxygen) to the entire system while also helping to clean the walls of the caps out. It also provides a great "flush" (like a rush) for about 30 seconds a half hour after taking a dose just to let me know it's working.

    Now the question. I have been getting real serious about my workouts and I am wondering if taking the Niacin might be harmful if I am amping up my blood stream and blood pressure with the workout regimen anyway. What's your best guess?


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    Re: Niacin

    the only thing i get with niacin supplementation is hot flushes and a metallic taste


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    Re: Niacin

    I had noticed the taste but nothing else. Not saying niacin didn't do anything. I just didn't notice.


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    Re: Niacin

    I have never been one to use it and I do not think that it will be something that I will be using. My buddies that used to use it told me that they have not noticed anything to really talk about when they were on it so I do not see the need for me to get something like that.




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