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    Who can beat Rousey?

    Correira just got the ass whoopin in the most embarrasing way possible ending with her face and big mouth flat on the canvass and being booed in her home country of brazil. Probably deserved it with all the trash talk about Rhonda and her family... i wonder if rousey will ever be beaten in her career?

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    Re: Who can beat Rousey?

    Given what she did to Gina Carrano, Cyborg is thought to be perhaps the only legit threat to Rousey's crown. This theory is fraught with problems, though. For starters, there's no evidence that Cyborg can make 135 (hence her ongoing requests for a catchweight fight, which isn't even worth considering from Ronda's perspective). Also, Cyborg was on PEDs when she TKO'd Carrano, and it was arguably an early stoppage. Carrano wasn't unconscious (like Correia when she fought Rousey), or beaten up (like Rousey did to Alexis Davis). In any event, even if Cyborg were to make 135, she'd be far more depleted than Rousey, and wouldn't have the kind of power she has at 145.

    But, like, who else is there? Holm's gonna get smoked, especially if Ronda decides to take it to the ground rather than beat Holly at her own game (as she did to Bethe). At the end of the day, Miesha's given Rousey her stiffest challenge, and Tate will never be good enough to win a third fight, should the UFC grant it. Bottom Line: Rousey continues fighting for two or three more years and retires undefeated.


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    Re: Who can beat Rousey?

    I think Rousey is gonna stand up against holms just to showcase her ever growing stand up skills pretty much like what jon jones did in his fights where henfights his opponents on where they are actually good at! He stood up with texiera, dirty boxed and wrestled cormier and boxed with gustafson!


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    Re: Who can beat Rousey?

    Well, damn. I agreed with you that Ronda would stand with Holly, but I DID NOT foresee that outcome. Holly really fought a perfect fight. She kept Ronda on the outside with footwork and that stiff left hand, and just picked her apart. Unreal. I think the most surprising thing (shocking, really) was how strong Holly's ground game was. Got taken down, didn't panic, defended against the arm bar. And then even took Ronda down once for good measure! I heard plenty of experts note that Holly's boxing titles didn't actually mean much... well, she definitely proved she's the best women's striker at 135. Incredible performance. I only wish I'd put a few bucks on her and Whitaker!


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    Re: Who can beat Rousey?

    yeah I guess this thread has been answered! I think Rhonda was baiting Holmes into a brawl with her pre fight antics where she could use her clinch to her advantage if Holly does engage but she was so experienced and calm she played the counter game and let Rhonda come to her. After getting hit a few times, her clinch and take down where not as "undefendable" as it used to be... I'm really glad I didn't bet money on that fight I never would have guessed the outcome too!


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    Mecca V.I.P.
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    Re: Who can beat Rousey?

    Well we all know that she is beatable, as we have seen. I think that anytime that you have a sport where it can end instantly, you are going to be hard pressed to find anyone go unbeaten throughout their career. I guess it does just make the case more for the fighters who have really impressive records when it is all said and done. That said, I think that we still have to wait and see how she stacks up towards the later years of her career.


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