Muscular Development senior writer Ron Harris may have let his emotions get the better of him in a post on MD's "No Bull" forum section. Recently, I had some issues with my former MD co-worker and Bostin Loyd had a little fun at Ron's expense on our Facebook post debate.

Quick backstory: Ron talked shit about me on MD (where I am banned for being a former employee) and used the term 'self-proclaimed journalist' to describe me. I took exception to this and called him out on it, adding that his writing couldn't stand up to mine whatsoever. Along with that, Ron speaks out of both sides of his mouth about Bostin - all nicey nice to him but throwing criticism at him on MD, where Bostin doesn't go.

Fast forward about a week and there's a thread on MD referring to the MuscleSport Mag article about Bostin switching from the NPC to NABBA due to the bullshit politics involved in the former. Here's is one of Ron's posts:

He has talked so much shit about the NPC, its judges, promoters, etc, that it would have been suicide for him to compete there ever again anyway.

This set off a few other members stating the obvious:

why would it be suicide? dont you get judges by your physique?

-and -

Did Ron just admit blackballing goes on in the NPC?

Forever the company man, Ron then did his best back peddling act with:

No, but if I personally was a judge and had 2 guys in front of me with different flaws that meant neither was really better or worse than the other - at least subconsciously if one of them was an asshole who had talked a lot of shit, I would place the other guy higher. I am not speaking on what the NPC judges do or do not do. My good friend Jose Raymond judges most of the local NPC shows in Boston and I know he is as fair and impartial as possible.

But the main thing is, why would anyone compete in an organization they had denounced? Wouldn't you feel unwelcome?

Nice try, Ron.

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