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    Nabba Universe 2015 Results

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    Nabba Universe 2015 Results
    Over 40's
    1st Andy James
    2nd Mark Anderson
    3rd Ray Hart
    4th Mark Reed
    5th Fernando Luis Sardinha
    6th Joe Walker

    Over 50's
    1st Gary Lister
    2nd Justin Trollope
    3rd Steve Johnson
    4th Carlo Bernascone
    5th Herbie Chiang
    6th Oscar Roberts
    1st Kuba Cielen
    2nd Marcelo De Angelis Rezende
    3rd Andrew Ford
    4th Laurynas Greiciunas
    5th Steven McKinlay
    6th Patrick Hofinger
    Miss Toned
    1st Alex Larkin
    2nd Natalie McKenna
    3rd An Bokyung
    4th Nicol Grigoreva
    5th Emma Hyndman
    6th Jenni Murphy
    Miss Trained 2
    1st Cinara Polido
    2nd Flora Conte
    3rd Sara Mura
    4th Olga Permina
    5th Mechelle Ihnat
    6th Lindsey Angel
    Miss Trained 1
    1st Maria
    2nd Linda Cassidy
    3rd Regiane Basques Moreira
    4th Elodie Ducos
    5th Anna Carolina Bitencourt
    6th Jody Shuttleworth
    Mr Class 4
    1st Paul Stewart
    2nd Stuart Smith
    3rd Grant Coutts
    4th Olzirio Anibal Junior
    5th Andre
    6th Gil Duplan
    Mr Class 3
    1st Carl Jolley
    2nd Maurizio Carboni
    3rd Scott Kempton
    4th Filip Grznar
    5th Aleksei Shaikin
    6th Antonio Marques
    Mr Class 2
    1st Rainer Stoss
    2nd Ondrej Mlaka
    3rd Peter Molnar
    4th John Martini
    5th Domingo Uria
    6th Michael Hanlon
    Mr Class 1
    1st Lee Harding
    2nd Martin Stevenson
    3rd Josh Maley
    4th Darius Matinkus
    5th Paulius Jasiukaitis
    6th Kon Stellas
    Pro Class
    1st Tony Mount
    2nd Dave Titterton
    3rd Alistair Smyth
    4th Paul Stewart
    5th Jake Nikolopoulos
    6th Jose Luis Camilo Filho

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    Re: Nabba Universe 2015 Results

    Nabba Universe 2015 ResultsNabba Universe 2015 Results

    Overall winners




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