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    Is Ronda Rousey the Greatest Female Athlete of All Time?

    Argument could go either way, right? On the one hand, she's absolutely dominated everyone (except Miesha Tate in their second fight), but on the other hand, how great has her competition been? She looks like a pro fighting teenagers. Does Serena face more competent opponents in her sport? Is this a political thing? We just need to shove some woman to the fore to serve the Female Empowerment narrative?

    What do you think? Ronda's the best in her sport for sure. But is she the best female athlete on the planet?

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    Mecca V.I.P.
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    Jul 2016

    Re: Is Ronda Rousey the Greatest Female Athlete of All Time?

    Well I am always a little weary when people want to crown others as the best of all time, or the greatest ever, but it is made even worse when the person who probably should get the award or recognition, is still playing and still dominating and doing her thing. Serena Williams in my opinion is the greatest women athlete of all time, and I can back it up with plenty of evidence too. Of course it all comes down to opinion, but I think Rousey has a ways to go to catch up with Serena.




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