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    Icon7 Hello from... GOLD MEDAL SUPPLEMENTS!

    Hello... this is Collin from Gold Medal Supplements.


    I'm the owner and researcher / developer of the supplement line at Gold Medal Supplements ...our fitness supplement company.

    We offer:

    Muscle Builders
    Testosterone Boosters
    HGH Boosters
    Weight Loss / Cutting
    Performance Enhancement
    Joint Health & Repair
    Prostate Health

    ... and more!

    With over 35 years experience in the fitness supplement industry, we can manufacture almost any kind of supplement, and we can do so very quickly... all you need do is ask!

    We actually specialize in making "specialty" supplements very quickly, often within 1 day for our customers, so...

    If you don't see something you are looking for, please contact us here: EMAIL ME and tell me exactly what you are looking for... there's a good chance we will be able to make it for you better and cheaper than anywhere else!

    Our goal is to try our best to bring you what you want, so if you don't see it in our store... ask us if we can make it for you!

    ... We probably can.


    Gold Medal Supplements is a No-Frills, No Fancy Ads, No Fancy Labels kind of company, founded on the single principle of making the most effective supplements available using the highest quality and purity raw materials available. We do this at the lowest prices possible as well!

    We keep our prices lower by using simple labels, not spending tons on fancy advertisements and hiring bodybuilders to hawk our products... we simply make the best products we possibly can and then let our word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers sell our products. In 35 years, we have done pretty well.

    I hope you will give our products a try.

    We are sincerely here to help YOU reach your goals!

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