Hey guys, we are happy to be on the board and have a presence here. I get a lot of e-mails for guys wanting to be ‘testers’ or do 'write ups’ for our products in exchange for free gear. I appreciate these offers but we normally turn them down as they are basically just guys asking for free gear, and they send the same email to every source to see who bites on it. To me, thats not really right as they will say what you want in exchange for the free gear. Shit, I have had guys tell me that straight up, “ Hey, if you send me gear I will tell everyone its great”.. when I get emails like this I just laugh as I already know our gear is great. We have it tested in a lab every month to make sure we are selling what we say we are selling.

However I do like to get the product out into the community and get more people aware of it if, especially when we get on a new board. I want to find a few guys here who are qualified to do this. What I am looking for is someone who has a background in AAS. preferable someone with a presence here on the board who is not a Newb. If you have access to some sort of testing facility or your currently getting your blood work done and would be willing to do it while your on the cycle of gear. I want to get some good hard data from more customers and I believe the testing is something we have to have in order to do that. I need photos posted of the gear when you receive it, so please be able to do that.
We would want this info posted here in a thread so we can all have access to it. I need someone that will follow through on this that I don’t need to babysit and continually ask to post progress. To be more clear, it would be nice to have at least one form post in the thread every week with updated progress.

If you think your up for this, please send me n email or PM here and briefly explain why you feel you’d be a good candidate for this and we can see if its a good fit. Again guys, we appreciate the opportunity to be here and we are happy to be working with you. If there is anything we can do to better serve ya let us know.