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  1. Obesity Rising Despite More Physical Activity, USA
  2. Breaking a sweat reduces stroke risk
  3. High blood pressure risk and playing college football linked
  4. 8 in 10 'physically inactive' in England
  5. French Tour de France cyclists live longer than their non-cyclist countrymen
  6. Positive attitude may increase life of heart disease patients
  7. Heart disease patients with positive attitudes likely to exercise, live longer
  8. How to lose weight quickly?
  9. Heart disease patients benefit from high intensity training
  10. Walking can reduce breast cancer risk
  11. Marathon running 'bad for the heart'
  12. Healthy Living Learned By Example
  13. Tackling abdominal obesity with exercise and nutrition
  14. Aerobic exercise improves memory, brain function and physical fitness
  15. Survival improved and some heart attacks prevented by being physically fit
  16. Breast cancer: older survivors benefit from exercise programs
  17. Physical activity may slow kidney function decline in patients with kidney disease
  18. How to keep that New Year resolution to get fit
  19. Sit less, move more to improve health and quality of life
  20. Cancer survivors who exercise live longer
  21. Breast cancer survivors benefit from yoga
  22. Health and fitness habits 'influence health over next two decades'
  23. Vigorous activity often precedes heart attacks, stroke at work
  24. Vigorous exercise tied to reduce flu risk
  25. Children with better muscle health had improved metabolic and heart health
  26. Wright worked to build on 2012-13 finish
  27. A behind-the-scenes look at Mr. Olympia Phil Heath's 2012 title defense
  28. Schwarzenegger admires Ronaldo's muscles
  29. Schwarzenegger impressed by Ronaldo's 'spectacular' physique
  30. Police bid to seize gold bars, houses from bodybuilder ongoing
  31. Darren Brown gets new kidney today!
  32. Bodybuilder Joins ISIS
  33. Jojo Ntiforo, the first body builder from New Mexico to compete in Mr.Olympia
  34. Bodybuilders death a mystery
  35. Trace Collier wins natural title!
  36. John “Agogo” Anum is the New Ghana Man!
  37. Dani Reardon is Busted!
  38. World Bodybuilding Championship to be in Mumbai
  39. Kataryzna Russo, Female bodybuilder attacked by her ex boyfriend.
  40. Weed Killer kills bodybuilder