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Bodybuilding with Joe Pietaro

Famous sports writer Joe Pietaro, owner of MuscleSport, LLC shares insites on the latest bodybuilding news.

  1. Arnold Expo - Larger Crowds But Less Hand-outs

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    If you're going to attend one expo in the bodybuilding/fitness industry, your best bet is to make it the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. The weather may not be the best (first weekend in March in the U.S. midwest), but the experience overall makes it worth it. But don't bring an empty suitcase with you to bring back a bunch of sample supplements and T-shirts.

    As the years have gone by, the booths have been handing out less and less goodies ...

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  2. IFBB Split: Will It Result in a Continental One For Amateurs?

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    The bottom line with the split between the two IFBB factions (Professional League and International) has many people confused on what it will all mean for the competitors and the shows where they will have the opportunity to take the stage. From what it appears now (at least from an amateur perspective), it's going to come down to competitors from the respective country competing in shows thereat.

    For example, the NPC is still the governing ...
  3. Sad Week for Bodybuilding.

    Bodybuilding. Some call it a sport; others a lifestyle. However you choose to categorize it, all of us associated with it in some way, shape or form have had it exposed to the 'mainstream' due to not one, but two tragic incidents that resulted in the death of Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana.

    There are so many unanswered questions surrounding both situations and there will be a time where those will be addressed. But now is not the time for that; let the families and friends of these ...
  4. The 'Skinny' on the Kai Greene Olympia Special Invite

    Either on face value or by reading into it, the Olympia special invite extended from Jim Manion to Kai Greene is an intriguing aspect, to say the least. The IFBB president has everything to gain and nothing to lose by doing so and in comparison, Greene has much to lose and only one thing - albeit a monstrous one, at that - to gain.


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    This is an ingenious public relations move by Manion. Greene is by far the people's ...

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    Joe Pietaro on Bodybuilding
  5. New York Pro Bodybuilding Preview

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    The prestigious New York Pro has a new home in White Plains and a deep and talented line-up in each and every one of the seven different categories taking the stage on Saturday. But for the purposes of this article, the men's open bodybuilding will be the focus.

    Starting off with the open, there are a number of hometown favorites to choose from and Juan "Diesel" Morel is certainly one of them. He has been competing quite a bit and ...
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