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MuscleSport Radio Fan of the Week Jose Mazon Ortiz 11/6/17
The 11/6/17 episode of MuscleSport Radio with special guest Jose Mazon Ortiz as the "Fan of the Week." Mondays at 3 PM EST on Instagram Live and Blog Talk Radio; archived on iTunes and YouTube.

Joe Pietaro
3 Views· 11-18-2017
KC Mitchell, aka That 1-Leg Monster Interview Olympia Expo
KC Mitchell, aka "That 1-Leg Monster," is interviewed at the Olympia Expo. Wounded combat veteran and the world's strongest amputee powerlifter. Coverage sponsored by

Joe Pietaro
3 Views· 11-18-2017
Ask Me Anything - mSm Style 11/2/17
The 11/2/17 episode of "Ask Me Anything - mSm Style."

Joe Pietaro
3 Views· 11-18-2017
Yankees Next Manager Will Be Rob Thomson
Rob Thomson, who served as both bench coach and third base coach for the New York Yankees, will be the manager of the team moving forward. How do we know this? Our inside source, Paul "Keefus" Revere, told us. MSM Sports Shot.

Joe Pietaro
3 Views· 11-18-2017

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