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    Problem - slow methabolism

    Thread Starter: fitnessmara

    Apparently my slow metabolism is one to be blamed for my slower than usual progress. I turned vegetarian lately in hope I was making some sort of a mistake with a regular...

    Last Post By: Zillagraybeard 10-23-2017, 08:40 AM Go to last post

    Dorian Yates update pics!

    Thread Starter: tkD

    Dorian Yates at 51 y/o still kicking ass. Looking solid at this age, and still lean! True badass. ps. His wife is damn hot. Dat ass!! :icon_mrgreen:

    Last Post By: MuscleMecca Crew 10-23-2017, 08:39 AM Go to last post

    Jay Cutler (Updates) Official Thread

    Thread Starter: COACH

    Post all of your Jay Cutler updates here! Jay Cutler is a pro bodybuilder born in 1973! Find pictures, videos and updates on what Jay is up to these days! Jay Cutler won the...

    Last Post By: MuscleMecca Crew 10-23-2017, 08:33 AM Go to last post

    Dennis Wolf - Updates - Official Thread

    Thread Starter: COACH

    The official Dennis Wolf thread! Find everything about pro bodybuilding legend Dennis Wolf right here! Wolfy & Iris Kyle Guest Posing Trinidad July 09 2011 Dennis...

    Last Post By: MuscleMecca Crew 10-23-2017, 08:28 AM Go to last post

    Best Protein

    Thread Starter: Cutsjr

    What is the best protein to take? Who has the best tasting?

    Last Post By: Punk 10-23-2017, 06:01 AM Go to last post
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  • Cedric McMillan - leg training like a beast!

    Cedric's leg day! This is what it looks like. And the cardio? lol people would creep out if they would see a monster like this on the road.

    Check out Cedric's leg workout 12 days out from the 2013 Arnold Classic!


    Here is the Cedrick Mcmillan Pro bodybuilding page where you will find the Cedrick Mcmillan bodybuilding bio and profile.

    #Cedric McMillan
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    1. blergs's Avatar
      blergs -

    1. pakiman's Avatar
      pakiman -
      "Like a beast", really? That's barely mediocre! He matches, in fact in some regards surpasses Ronnie in the genes area but I wish he had 1/10th the drive and dedication of Ronnie!

    1. tkD's Avatar
      tkD -
      ^ I was referring more for his cardio style.

    1. dilatedmuscle's Avatar
      dilatedmuscle -
      A lot of newbees will see this and think "wow thats what i need to do to get legs like that" assuming no more, no less. I felt like that was very much not like a beast. At the end of the day, those cardioesque exercises are just not as effective as real bodybuilding. His legs dont match those in the top 3 currently and i dont feel like he is training them hard enough to match the top 3.

    1. tkD's Avatar
      tkD -
      ^ lol what's with all this "he's got to do this and that to be really hardcore" mentality in here? He's doing what works for him, and yes, I've tried his leg training workout since November 2009, with the triple superset: leg extension-leg press-walking lunges, and yeah my quad size improved a lot. And I feel much better than before when I was doing heavy squats, my back feels better, and since then I've continued to train like this.

      I'm sure we'll see a better Cedric every time he will compete. And he will be a Mr O in the near future, beating the top 3 you've mentioned. Maybe now he doesn't have those legs you would like to see on him, but the top 3 don't have his shape, back, and the classic look. What he really needs is the conditioning imo.