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Fitness Struggle #1 - Diet and Exercise

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A few years ago most of my exercise came along with my work. Though I still struggled with diet the sheer amount of calories burned with day to day activities meaning work mostly helped me stay fit.

These days as a website developer I am forced to sit for many hours. While I know I can still find time to work out it just seems so much more difficult turning myself around after sitting for so long. I think this is what happens to many people once they get out of college and start working especially if they end up working in a time consuming office job. Perhaps it is easier for people that only work a set amount of hours per week but it seems like my work is almost a 24/7 requirement.

I would really like to learn how people can combat this type of lifestyle and still be healthy and fit. The steps I am currently taking are small but at least I am trying. Hopefully by starting small I can stick with it and work my way up to a better routine.

All I am currently doing is trying to set aside a little time each day to get moving on the tread mill. In a few weeks I am planning to restart lifting free weights very slowly at first and I am also hoping to start hiking on a daily basis. There is a small mountain close to where I live that I hope to hike up each morning. I think getting out of the house and into the fresh ait would not only benefit my body but my mind as well. In regards to the weights my plan is to start with low weight and high reps. Like most here at MuscleMecca my goal is not to build tons of muscle at least not yet. My goal is to lose weight, burn fat and build endurance.

Diet is something I also really need to address. My current living arrangement does not even allow me the use of a stove and my refrigerator is only a small one like you see in dorms. This has been my excuse to eat fast food and other junk. I really need to find some foods I can prepare very easily.

I guess because the title is mentioning the word "struggle" I should actually go into the real part of this all that is my struggle and that is my health. I have very high blood pressure and my cholesterol is also very high. I am controlling these things with medication but I do not want to be controlled by medication any longer. I can say with complete honesty that I do have an addiction problem with food and an easting disorder. I suppose they are one in the same. I struggle with diet and I struggle with finding the motivation to change. I say this here and now because I am among my friends.

I am currently downright ashamed of how I have let myself go especially with the fact that this site means every thing to me. Because of this site I sometimes have opportunities to meet various people in the industry and right now there is just no way I want to be the face of musclemecca. While I may never be a bodybuilder I feel to represent this site I love I have to at least be somewhat in shape. Every day I read the posts here and it gives me motivation and information as well. Hopefully with you guys I will find the strength needed to over come and get my health and life back.

In closing I want to thank every member here.

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