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6 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid as an Up-and-Coming Bodybuilder

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Aspiring to be a leading figure in oneís chosen career is not an error, not even a case of having too much on the plate; it is simply an example of a focused and goal-driven individual. Teens who have watched their muscle beauties on screens are expected to cherish those bodies and even bind themselves under a closer leash to supposedly work with strict disciplined routines and come out muscle-massed and body-conditioned like Ronnie Coleman or Lionel Beyeke.

You had planned to train pretty hard, adopt a reigning bodybuilding diet, go by the rules in the books and youíd have achieved your dream of becoming a Flex Wheeler within four to five months. In the early years of bodybuilding, upcoming bodybuilders may find themselves gaining extra weights after some weeks of workouts, but it is an open secret that the body they had so earnestly carved for may elude them and prove to be a far-away illusion at best.
Imaginary bodybuilding goals is top on the list of the career-threatening mistakes teen bodybuilders make when getting started. In this post, I will be highlighting critical areas where teens are mixing the whole thing up and how they can re-strategize and set themselves up for lasting and effective bodybuilding results.

Bodybuilding Mistake #1: Adopting the Pro Routines
Some teens have developed a consistent workout plan and interestingly almost a replica of what their champions go through in the gym. Since they want to look like the pro, then itís just normal enough for them to duplicate his routines, right? No!
To start with, these routines are way too advanced and technical for beginners and even intermediate bodybuilders. To get to the professional cadre, you must have gone through minimum of four stages, each stage preparing you for the next. The amateur stage is not where many teens want to be associated with.
Perhaps you too; but this doesnít make the stage any less important. The early years of bodybuilding (five to ten years) train and tune up young bodybuilders in the science of following a plan and adhering to it. In the process, trainees are expected to identify their strong parts and weak parts.
Itís said that, as human beings, we have way more weaker parts than better parts. The interesting part of this is making sure a strong part of yours knocks out hundreds of those bad parts.
The first early years should be used by the teen bodybuilder to study his draft routine, how his body adjusts to it, identify what works and what doesnít. Knowing for a fact that what obtains for A wonít necessarily work for B is what makes each successful bodybuilder dominate the game in different ways with different titles for the taking. Your end goal is to compete with others; you must thus lay a proper foundation of separating yourself from the pack by using what works best for you.
Itís the kind of commitment and dedication that comes with the early years of bodybuilding Ė the sort the likes of Jay Cutler never missed.
Moreover, the average routine of a pro bodybuilder is more concentrated in terms of volume and duration on his particularly perceived strong point.
Following the advanced workout routines of a pro bodybuilder or national level competitor puts teen aspirants at higher risk in the aspect of excessive training leading to injuries, or worse still such workout plan leaves the teen not properly trained in many core areas while making them grossly under-trained in many other aspects.

Bodybuilding Mistake #2: Using a Gym without a Proper workout Plan
Since it is not advisable for you to adopt already outlined plans from pro bodybuilders, would it then be alright to get to the gym and start trying on different weights, machines and motions?
You bet thatís wrong and a deadly mistake.
Your primary focus in the first few weeks as a bodybuilder in training should not be to gain extra pounds or look massy; rather it should be to study the effect of standard workouts on your body - anatomy, structure and health wise. Check to see how your body responds to the various workouts; how worn out you feel thereafter, noticeable improvements you noticed or otherwise, in key parts of your body and how long it took you to get a proper hold of the beginning workouts.
Getting to know which workout drained you out the most is not so that you can back out and bid it goodbye; In fact, no workout worth its while proves ridiculously easy at initial attempts. Rather, itís a way of knowing how your system reacts to the various work routines youíve practiced.
The training articles will get you fixed better in a position to know what starting bodybuilding plan looks like and what to watch out for. As you progress, you stick to what works best for you. Those you can justifiably drop, you leave them out.
It is the only way you can have it worthwhile in the gym, practicing and developing with rhyme and reason; with plan and purpose.
Your early years should consist more of basic, free weight and multi-joined workouts; and less of muscle-mass exercises, machines and isolation movements for lasting and effective results.

Bodybuilding Mistake #3: Lack of Purpose-driven Focus

It might be that you left out your detailed workout plan few weeks in, due to its weariness or your busy schedules, but just like any other art worth mastering, bodybuilding is no magic. You get what you put in.
Some starters think they can go in with three constant weeks and then pull out for the next one or two weeks. When youíre back, you canít start off where you left. Your body system was onto something before you left; you disappeared on it, into the blues. It will take a more enduring approach fitting back into the game, since you can lose touch in as little as few days of inactivity.
Once youíve your properly-drafted plan (diet, workout and rest), be careful enough to follow through with rigorous consistency. Lasting results from bodybuilding gains have always been known to come from consistency and informed determination.

Bodybuilding Mistake #4: Dreams are too Tall

Itís proper to choose an achieving pro you wish to take after; itís not alright however, to picture yourself unrealistically like them way too soon. Itís a common and dreadful mistake;
I made the same while starting out and it really got me in the sidelines for quite a while, until I discovered that I can never be like them. I can only study myself, build my body up and use their achievements as a stepping stone for me to aim and launch even more higher.
History never favors those who achieve exactly the same great later on; the books favour the firsts, and thatís what you should strive to be. Be your own first and pretty soon, youíll have mapped a creed for yourself difficult for any other person to fill in.
For impressive results during your early years in bodybuilding, you will notice a gain of 25 lbs on the muscle after each year. This is not a rule of thumb, or any rule set in stone; everyone gains muscles at different speeds and mass rates, which narrow down to proper checking and evaluation on your part.

Bodybuilding Mistake #5: Building all the way, No Evaluation

Bodybuilding is no play; it involves prior hard work and dint of determination. Itís an activity where your patience is tested; in which you need to stay on focus. Bodybuilding is an activity in which you need to stay motivated. Without motivation, you kill the initial drive faster than you could realize what went out the window. The best way to stay on track and stay motivated is to keep track of your progress.
Images have been proven to have more psychologically boosting effect on us. We tend to appreciate stuffs or discredit them based on which images first presented to us about them. Sorry, but we tend to judge a book by its cover at every chance we get.
For excellent results, take ĎBeforeí photos of yourself, muscle mass, shapes and curves at the start and work your way through it. Watch your weight and have your skin caliper measurements done for you every month. This way, you get to know which workout achieved what, and the exercises you should concentrate more on.
Much more than taking measurement, support your progress updates with pictures. Measurements may be steady but pictures wonít lie; once you get extra muscle mass, you lose fat and you can easily tell with the digital images you take. Create a bodybuilding calendar on which you attach your progress updates and ĎAfterí images, marking the photos with the dates as your shape improves.
Using an Excel spreadsheet can also help you take and record relevant measurements and attach pictures as appropriate. Each time you check on them, youíll know how far youíve gone, what brought you thus far and the potentials lying ahead of you to follow through.

Bodybuilding Mistake #6: Poor Dietary Plan

The diet you go on is just as important as the muscle-building exercises you adopt. Even when you become a pro, itís part of what gets you a lasting seat in the gameís Hall of Fame. Figuring out how your body responds to weight is paramount, but a bad diet could kill your efforts faster than youíve envisaged.
Proper training kick-starts muscle growth, proper feeding plan nurtures and consolidates on the growth for excellent overall body aesthetics. Harness the proper body building ingredients by settling for a profitable dietary plan and sticking to it. Do not take too much calories (500 calories in excess of what you burn) or youíd simply get fat.
A proper bodybuilding dietary plan takes the following shape:
Six meals daily, taken at 2-3 hours intervals made up of quality complex starch products (oatmeal, sweet potatoes and brown rice) to energize your workouts, proteins (like chicken, fish and turkey) to add flesh mass to the growing muscles and a useful amount of fat intake for proper hormonal functioning.
Be careful enough to avoid these mistakes, and you are already on your way to achieve those goals youíve set yourself as a bodybuilder. To magical and medal-winning muscles.

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